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Do you need to write a blog or update the content on your website?

Developing good compelling content requires skillful blending of text and persuasive writing. This involves engaging your readers and helping them to get to know you and your product/service.

This is where I can help you. Hall Freelance Content Writing will ensure quality content creation for your digital platform.

My services include:

  • Website Content: Engage your readers with compelling text.
  • Blog Content: The best way to keep your website fresh and relevant to search engines.
  • Press Releases: Engage your local markets with announcements, new products or services, and good works in the community.
  • Newsletter Content: Regular contact with your customers providing interesting information to keep them up-to-date.
  • Auto-Responder Content: Excellent tool for email marketing.
  • Direct Mail Sales Letters: Generate new customers with persuasive content to contact your business.
  • Case Studies: Detailed story of how your business solved a problem for a customer.


Consider the following questions and concerns from my clients:

Are you happy with your website content?

Let’s face the facts. You are busy running your business. You want to update the content but that project is always on the “back burner.” Your website drifts in cyberspace without readers. The goal of your website is to attract paying customers and you need to improve it now.

Consider outsourcing the content creation. My service is cost effective. My quotes are for the project, not an hourly rate. I have organized my services into several packages priced to serve the level of creation to suit your budget.

There are no surprises with my service. Satisfaction is guaranteed. You and your customers will like what you see. Click here for a sample of my work.




Press releases just haven't worked for me. Is this a viable strategy to promote my business?


Yes it is. Companies use press releases to build community awareness or to attract readers to your website. The key skill is to develop content that will be relevant to your target audience. The media need content for their publications. The press release is the best way to gain their attention.

Press Releases should be a key component in your marketing strategy for your business. Key examples to put your business “on the map” include:

  • Announcing a “Special Event.”
  • Announcing a New Service
  • Announcing Service Benefits
  • Sponsorship of a charity event or service
  • New staff additions and promotions from within your organization
  • Reporting on Activities Designed to Improve Your Corporate Image / Brand

Click here for samples of press releases.

Do I really need a blog on my site?

Yes. Google search engine robots are constantly searching for relevant information and rank websites higher if the information is recent. A blog is the best way to keep your website fresh and relevant.

Call me and we can discuss the topics and the number of blogs necessary to gain Google’s approval. Click here for a writing sample of my blogs.


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Are Newsletters losing effectiveness in reaching my target customers?

No, they are still effective in reaching your audience. Studies show that newsletters are effective in gaining the trust of your customers and help to develop the “pre-selling” content to gain their trust. Printed newsletters are making a comeback.

That mailbox the USPS uses to deliver your mail is getting lonely. The printed newsletter is actually welcomed by readers who will set it aside to read. With snappy, informative content , graphics, and pictures, your readers’ will not only read the material but they will share it with other people. Offer a discount coupon and track the responses to the offer.

Digital newsletters are still effective provided they have compelling headlines to attract the reader’s attention. And the content can be used in your auto-responders and social media outlets to broaden your reach to potential customers.

The main advantage to a newsletter is its immunity to Google’s changes in their keyword rankings. You do not have to fear the “Google Slap” to your business. Let the newsletter generate sales for you.


Angry Time Clock

I don’t have the time to explain my business to you.


You need a content writer who can see the “big picture” quickly. Benefits with my services include:

  • Quick analysis of your business for the “Big Picture”
  • Identify key benefits for your customers
  • Develop compelling copy to engage your readers

I have over 30 years of business experience and gained a broad background to quickly understand your service and market. I can generate content to help you communicate your service / product effectively to your target market.




What Can I Expect If I Work With You?

You will receive a firm quote on a project. Satisfaction is guaranteed and the service includes two revisions upon request. I have a team of editors and proof readers to catch common typos to ensure a quality product “ready to publish.”

I deliver projects on deadline. You can count on me to deliver compelling quality content to communicate effectively to your target audience.

I Want Your Business!

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