How Five Solar Lighting Solutions Revolutionized

Landscape Lighting

Remember when your father decided to install landscaping lighting? It was a laborious process. First, he hired an electrician to install an outdoor electrical outlet and install a new circuit to the fuse box. Then, he bought transformers and hooked them to the power supply from the house. He dug wiring into the garden and placed  floodlights on the landscape. It was worth the work due to the special effects the landscape lighting system illuminating the grounds.


Remember your mother’s concern for security? She wanted utility lighting for the boat dock and bright floodlights around the entryway? It was expensive and complex.  Those days are gone forever.


SOLUTION 1:  Solar Power = Zero Energy Costs

Today, solar powered landscape lighting systems have three advantages:

  1. Solar energy is free
  2. The solar panel is simple to install
  3. LED light bulbs use less energy for bright lights

Your father would find these revolutions  amazing!


SOLUTION 2:  LED Bulbs Provide More Light for Less Power

The best solar landscape lights are low wattage bulbs that emit bright light. LED technology uses just a tenth of the wattage of the old incandescent bulbs. It is more efficient and results in less heat loss.


SOLUTION 3: Solar LED Lighting  Kits Simple to Install

 You can buy one of the many Solar Landscaping Lighting kits to meet all of your landscape lighting designs.  The best kit uses a single source solar panel to power the lights. It has a 14-watts battery capacity.

With careful planning, you can use several bulbs to provide bright landscape lighting. LED bulbs are cool and safe around vegetation. The wired system can allow up to 14 one-watt LED bulbs or any combination you choose.

Each kit has a timer to allow up to six hours of light after sunset. Solar panel technology has improved its ability to use direct and scattered sunlight.

Why is this important? It  will work well in the winter months, even with reduced sunlight exposure.  Of course, the bulbs are so cool, you will have to brush away the snow to allow the light to shine.


SOLUTION 4:  Only One Solar Panel Needed for Great Landscape Lighting

 Why use one solar panel and not individual panels for each bulb? The solar panel is placed where it will collect the most sunlight.

Wireless systems use individual solar panels for each bulb. Often, solar landscape bulbs are placed under trees and bushes. The shade of the tree and bushes blocks the sunlight. Therefore the bulbs lose power quickly.

It is much better to locate one solar panel in a sunny spot and hook up the lights to one power source. Oh, did we mention solar power is free and there are no electric power bills?



SOLUTION 5:  Wireless Solar Lighting is Useful in Certain Settings

 A wireless system does have advantages as a “marker.” For example, its low quality light is useful as Solar Powered Dock Lights.  The unit has enough brightness to mark the dock to tether your boat.


BONUS SOLUTION: LED Light Bulbs Provide Better Brightness While Consuming Less Power


One good example of this efficiency for home security is the motion sensor system. Motion activates the light to shine at the spot where the intruder moved into the sensor’s detection system.


Today, a 12-watt LED bulb replaces a 75-watt bulb and saves energy without sacrificing brightness. The new LED floodlight replaces the energy requirements of four old style floodlights.


Your mother would be pleased with the increased security around her house at night and the increased safety on the boat dock. These improvements would have made your father smile! After all, when “mama is happy, then everybody is happy!”

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