Save the Planet! Use LED Light Bulbs

We live in an age of technological innovations.  The necessity to save energy is the motivation of inventions in the 21st Century. Scientists focused on reducing the wattage in light bulbs without reducing the light levels.

It began with the “twisty” Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) bulb. People didn’t like them due to their cold white light using toxic gas that escaped when the bulb broke. It had an extended life span of 10,000 hours, compared to just 1,200 hours for conventional bulbs. Yet, people wanted the warm light of the old light bulb with reduced energy and using non-toxic materials.


LEDs: Not Just for Computer Screens Anymore

Computer and television screens use LED technology. Now it is the backbone of the LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting system. The Light Emitting Diodes (LED) could provide more light for less power. Due to their limited sized, the problem for scientists was to develop LEDs to emit more light similar to an old fashioned light bulb.

They succeeded with a 12-watt bulb equal to the light of a 75-watt bulb. Incredibly, one new LED bulb consumed less energy than four 75-watt light bulbs! The quality of the light was better with a long lifespan.


Today, one-watt LED bulbs can emit the same light of a typical 20-watt landscape bulb. A three-watt bulb replaces a 60-watt outdoor bulb and will last for three years, yet emit the same amount of light. These new bulbs are also popular with porch lights and post lights.



Today, the LED bulbs serve every conceivable use in outdoor and interior lighting. Mirrors placed in the LED units  achieve different lighting effects.

For example, the LED floodlight creates a light that is warm and spread evenly for wide beam. When mirrors are placed for narrow focus light beams, applications such as a flashlight and the spot light  can be developed with amazing effects.


Low wattage means less energy consumption. These bulbs will last for at least 50,000 hours . This is five times longer than CFL bulbs and 42 times longer than conventional bulbs. The longevity means less material for the landfill.



These LED bulbs are ideal for outdoor low voltage lighting systems. Solar panels for home use are limited in the power generated. It is critical to use low voltage, low wattage light bulbs to make the system work. Alternatively, this lighting system can hook up to the home’s electric current. The utility bills will be much less than with the old system.




The low voltage garden lights are ideal due to the low heat generated by the 1-watt bulb.  It cannot burn the vegetation around it.  In fact, the bulbs are so cool; you have to brush the snow off them to let the light escape.

The LED technology is amazing. The 90% reduction in energy cost reduces the reliance to coal generated electricity. The long life span of the LED bulb means less dumping in our landfills. The use of non-toxic materials makes them safer for us and for the planet.


Saving Mother Earth, One LED Light bulb at a Time!


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