Five Industrial and Consumer Applications

For 1100 Aluminum Bar

Pure aluminum is a soft, low strength metal.  The 1100 Aluminum Bar is 99%  pure and available at McCoy Precision Metals.  Aluminum’s desirable industrial properties include its high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Here are five applications you may never have heard of before now:

  1. Electric Wiring for Power Lines


The industrial use of 1100 Aluminum Bars includes its use in electrical wiring. It has wonderful electrical conductivity. Since it is ideal for long distance power transmission, engineers found a way to make it stronger. They wrapped  the aluminum wire into one-inch cords. This cord was then wrapped around a steel cord to provide exceptional strength. It could withstand high winds, heavy ice build up and snow, without breaking.

The world’s first Five Hundred Kilovolt Power Transmission Line used this technology in 1964. The lines were strung in a huge circle in central Virginia with its terminus at Mt. Storm Generation Plant. This technology is still in use today by electric power companies.


  1. Pure Aluminum is Easy to Process Due to Softness at Room Temperature.

“Cold metal working process” will use metals at room temperature. Soft aluminum

is shaped or formed without having to heat the metal. The soft properties of 100 Aluminum Bars are ideal for this application.  Examples include:

  • Railroad tank cars
  • Chemical equipment
  • Instrument dials
  • Nameplates
  • Signs
  • Rivets
  • Reflectors
  • Traffic signs
  • Cooling coils


  1. A Favorite Metal Used by ArtistsAluminum is a popular metal for artists and crafters. It is the metal of choice for outdoor sculptures. These sculptures are popular for artistic expressions for:
    • Municipal Parks,(delete this comma)
    • Botanical Gardens
    • Commercial Theme Parks
    • Municipal Buildings
    • Libraries
    • Restaurants
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Zoos
    • Home Garden Accessories
    • It is the perfect metal to use where a quality centerpiece is a design focal point.



    1. The Cookware Industry Loves It

     The 1100 Aluminum Bar is also used for cooking products due to its high conductivity of heat.  Pots, pans, and woks are examples of the use of this metal. Other common household items are utensils, foils, and food containers.


    1. Versatile Applications for 1100 Aluminum Bars

     Aluminum is soft and limited in certain applications. Aluminum alloys can overcome the limits of this soft metal. Aluminum alloys solve the strength, corrosion resistance, and high temperature tolerance that are limited with pure aluminum.

    The chemical and shipping industry utilizes the resistance to  corrosive liquids. Other aluminum alloys are used by the aircraft and space industry for strong, lightweight frames. Also, turbine blades can work when high-pressure steam passes through the generator.

    maninhatpoints-300pxFor more information on the uses of this metal and its alloys, click here.

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