Oversupply of Aluminum Depresses Prices but Delights Manufacturers

China has large stockpiles of aluminum and cannot sell it due to the slowdown of the economy. China’s companies are dumping the product onto the market and depressing the price. Bauxite mines shut down production until prices return to profitable levels. No one knows when prices will recover.


Will an Aluminum Shortage Occur?

In spite of China’s actions to flood the market with aluminum and depressing the market price for this commodity, aluminum supply will continue to be plentiful.

Pure aluminum bars are abundant for producers to use.  Large smelters will extract the metal from the present stockpiles of ore and produce more bars to meet the demand.

Aluminum is an easy metal to shape and machine due to its low temperature melting point. It is processed in bars, sheets and rolls for all types of “cold metal processing” production.


Aluminum is the Ideal Metal for Extrusion

Aluminum is ideal for use in extrusion processes. This is due to the low melting point of the aluminum “roll.” Heating the roll to 900 degrees F produces a pliable metal. The “roll” is pushed through a die to produce hat channels, U channels, and over 10,000 parts for consumer and industrial use.


Special Alloys Strengthen Aluminum for Specialty Uses

 Aluminum alloy supplies will  meet present demand for precision metals. Applications of aluminum alloys include uses for  high precision, high strength applications such as:

  • Aircraft frames
  • Turbine parts
  • Chemical processing
  • Ships
  • Airships
  • Submarine
  • Airships



Extrusions: Making Life Better for Homeowners

Rain gutters and roofing vents are typical applications for aluminum extrusion. Architectural and display fixtures are commonly made with aluminum. You will find them on boats serving as rub rails and trim works.  They serve  as floor and carpet thresholds and for handrails and J-Caps.

This is a popular metal for fencing uses. Bleachers are assembled using extrusion-produced parts. Decking and floors of transportation vehicles are formed by extrusion production.

Aluminum will protect corners and walls from chipping and gouges. It is also used as a kick plate for doors to protect the surface.


Do You Like the 1950’s “Retro Look?” Aluminum Trim is the Key to Success

The 1950’s were an age of using bright chrome metal trims on furnishings and wall decorations.  Bright aluminum is an economical alternative and is just as eye appealing as it was a half century ago.


maninhatpoints-300pxFor more information on the history of developing new aluminum alloys to meet special applications, click here.

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