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As you can see, I am a freelance commercial content writer specializing in providing quality, relevant information for your writing projects. Writing compelling content will serve businesses and non-profits with increased sales and donations. I help businesses develop strategic marketing plans and convey crucial information to their target audience(s).

Let’s face it. Content is King on the World Wide Web.

Sadly, most of the websites do not have engaging content and do not lead their readers taking action to buy a product or service. It can take up to seven contacts with one customer before they will trust the business to buy. Good content will develop trust and likability for your website.

Unfortunately, many businesses also forget to keep in touch with their customers and consequently lose them to their competitors. They fail to use effective content strategies to engage their customers and keep them for future purchases.

I earned an MBA and a M.Ed. to gain a background in marketing, management, and strategic planning. I worked as a healthcare executive, non-profit executive, and as a Clinical Audiologist for the past thirty years. I sat in the same chair you are sitting in now.

I know how busy running an operation can be on most days. I understand the temptation to put essential marketing projects on the “back burner,” always waiting for a better time to sit and think. Frequently, the projects never get off the launch pad and fizzle out quickly. Sadly, the opportunity knocks with no one to open the door.

I can help you with your marketing projects with laser focused goals and target audience(s). Don’t let opportunities go to waste through inaction. Partnering with me to develop your business or non-profit communication strategy will result in positive outcomes.

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