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I wrote blogs for several companies. The topics include the history of the garage, extrusions, alloys, metals, brackets, lanyards, security, business brokerage, auto parts, auto service, A/C service, and more.

Here are samples of my blog content for two companies:

AAA LED Bulbs Supply requested two blogs on solar lighting and LED lighting technology.

  1. LED Lights Blog Post Example: Click Here.
  2. Solar Landscape Lighting Blog Post Example: Click here.

McCoy Precision Metals is a supplier of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Their website requires two blog postings on their products once a week. I provided two blogs for this assignment.

  1. 1100 Aluminum Bar Blog Example: Click Here.
  2. Aluminum Supply Affected by Demand Blog Post Example: Click Here.

These samples are just a few of the many posts developed for my clients. I hope to hear from you for an assignment soon! Call me today at 352-443-6724. Leave your name, telephone number (including your area code) and your time zone. I will return your call to begin the proposal process.

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Bill Hall

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I discovered from the commercial writing class that was required for the M.B.A., the importance of a press releases to a business. It is used for a variety of purposes to attract customers to the business.


Here is a good example of how I used the press release to improve the corporate image of a nursing home in trouble:


I served as a consultant to a nursing home in North Carolina that had a horrible state survey with over 36 serious deficiencies. The community was a small, tobacco town with the local people in close contact with one another. They were shocked at the Medicaid Survey Report and families threatened to move their loved ones out of the facility.


I organized a plan to correct the problems and gained the trust of the staff. We rapidly made progress improving the service and care to the residents. But the community didn’t know what we were doing.

The solution was to send press releases on our progress to the local bi-weekly newspaper. They printed the stories and even sent someone to talk to the residents.


The results: We negated the bad image of the nursing facility and gained the trust of the whole community. We remained at full occupancy throughout the crisis.


The power of the press is awesome. Use it today to your advantage. Click here for a sample of a press release for a special event.



Masthead for The News


Newsletters serve to help businesses and non-profits maintain contact with their customers. Studies show the number one reason businesses and non-profits lose customers is because the customer forgot about them.


Printed newsletters are becoming rare. The cost of printing, paper and postage tends to discourage the use. Yet, printed newsletters will stand out of the crowd of “junk” mail. People who know the newsletter has good information will read it and even share it with their friends. It is a great way to build trust with your customers and remind them that you will be there for them when they need you.


Companies often use newsletters to their employees to build trust and teamwork.

I wrote a series of articles called “Around the Water Cooler, Tips to Get Ahead.” The newsletter targeted businesses with young employees learning how to behave in the workplace and understand how the real world works. The millennial generation sent in questions and comments showing how helpful this information was to them and in improving their performance reviews.


Click here for a sample.




In my previous career, I wrote letters for hearing aid special events to attract new clients needing audiology services and hearing aids. Recently, I wrote a letter for a non-profit’s annual appeal. People liked the fact that it was not a “hard sell” and the case study of the service outcome helped to “sell” the need for donations.


Click here for a sample of direct mail Letters.




Every non-profit should include grants as part of the fundraising strategy. It should just be a part of the total revenue stream for the organization, not the sole income source.


You need compelling content describing the need in the community with documented facts. Then you need to show how you are serving your target population with objective outcomes.


You also need at least four to five years of audited financial statements, a current budget that is easily understandable to a funder, and a project budget to show how you will spend the money.


As you can see, it is takes a great deal of time to develop a good grant proposal but once the content is developed, you can use it for multiple foundation appeals.


I can help you develop a winning grant strategy. Click here to contact me today!


Click here for a sample of a Need Statement and a Letter of Intent.




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